Accounting and Finance

Dean Senior Assistant Professor
Dr Haji Masairol Bin Haji Masri

Faculty Member Senior Assistant Professor
Dr. Muhamad Abduh
Dr. Muhamad Abduh is currently working as an Assistant
Professor of Islamic Finance at the UBD School of  Business and Economics, Universiti Brunei Darussalam. He has obtained his Bachelor of Science (Statistics) from Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) in 2004 and Magister Hukum Islam (Fiqh Al-Mu’amalat) from Ibn Khaldun University, Indonesia, in 2006. He completed his second Master at the Department of Economics of International  Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) from 2007 to 2009 and Doctor of Philosophyin Busines Administration (Islamic Banking) at the same institution from 2009 to 2011.

He started his career as an academic in 2004 when he was hired by Kolej Ekonomi Islam Tazkia (Bogor, Indonesia) as a lecturer teaching statistics and quantitative related  modules until 2006. He was working as a part-time lecturer
at the Kulliyah of Economics and Management Sciences of IIUM from 2009 to 2011 and promoted to Assistant Professor in April 2012 after completing his PhD until 2015 when he moved to Universiti Brunei Darussalam.

His research and teaching interests are focused on the area of Islamic Economics, Business, Banking and Finance. He presented papers in many conferences and published more than fifty articles in various journals such as International Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and  Management, Journal of Islamic Accounting and Business Research, International Journal of Excellence in Islamic Banking and Finance, Journal of Islamic Economics,
Banking and Finance, American Journal of Applied Sciences, Business Intelligence Journal, Journal of Islamic Finance, and et cetera. At the moment, his citations and h-index for Scopus and Google-Scholars are 38 and 3, and 478 and 12 respectively.

Dr. Abduh has written four academic books. The first book was published in Indonesia in 2009 and titled β€œZakat: from the perspective of Fiqh and Modern Macroeconomic”. The second book was published in 2013 by John-Wiley & Sons, a New York based publisher, titled β€œFundamentals of  Islamic Money and Capital Markets”. The third book was published by IIUM Press in 2016 titled β€œFoundation of Islamic Finance”. Lastly, the fourth book was published by
UNISSA Press in 2017 titled β€œDeposit Withdrawal  Behavior in Islamic Banking”.

Faculty Member Assistant Professor
Dr. Mohd Hairul Azrin Haji Besar
Azrin had been part of the Brunei Islamic Banking Industry since the year 2000. He starts his employment with The Islamic Bank of Brunei Berhad attached in its Internal Audit Department. In 2008, he is entrusted as the Head of Sharia Division, Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam Berhad looking at product development and implementation ensuring Sharia compliance while at the same time providing room for innovation in product offering. Azrin graduated with a first class honors in Bachelor of Accounting program and holds an MBA specializing in Islamic Banking and Finance from The International Islamic University Malaysia. He was awarded PhD in Accounting and Finance for his research on Governance of Takaful in Brunei Darussalam.

Faculty Member Assistant Professor
Pg Dr Hj Md Hasnol Alwee Bin Pg Hj Md Salleh

Ak Hasnol, MSc Finance (Lancaster University, UK), PhD (Durham University, UK)

Ak Hasnol is a lecturer in the field of Islamic Finance, with current research interests on three main themes:
  • Establishment of an inclusive financial planning approach to assist those in poverty.
  • Development of financial literacy in Brunei.
  • Exploring philanthropic awqaf and contemporary forms of zakatable assets.

Prior to joining Universiti Brunei Darussalam, he was a Training Analyst and Customer Support Team Lead at Brunei Accenture Group Networks.

Faculty Member Assistant Professor
Dr Siti Norwahida Shukeri