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Role of Discovery Year Unit (DYU)

Responsible for administrative matters related to Discovery Year.

DYU Issue:

Verification Letter

Financial Support Letter (if applicable)
Travel allowance (Funding Level 1)
Subsistence allowance (Funding Level 1 & 2)
Complete Parental Consent/Indemnity Form
Supporting Documents for In-Service Students Going Abroad (if approved by JPA)

StudentΒ’s Scholarship Card

DYU is also responsible for:

Dealing with Finance Office with regards to allowance matters

Dealing with Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MPRT) and Embassies/High Commission/Consulates

Further information please check your myUBD student portal -Checklist

Students are responsible for:

Visa application

Purchasing return air ticket

Registering DY modules in GIS

Declare DY activity in GIS

Notifying Brunei High Commission/Embassy/Consulate upon arriving in a host country and departure

In-service student (government)

Application to Public Service Department via respective department/ministry at least 4 months before DY starts

Collect and submit the Boring bagi Mahasiswa latihan Dalam Perkhidmatan DYU/4 from Respective Faculty for their recommendation

Upon Completing of DY Activity

Report to respective Brunei High Commission/Embassy/Consulate

Report back to DYU at Student Central

DY Academic Transcript

Submit a copy to your faculty coordinator and DYU

For More Information

Discovery Year Unit (DYU)

Student Central. Student Affairs Section Building, Universit Brunei Darussalam

Submit a copy to your faculty coordinator and DYU


Tel: Extension 2774 / 2028

Programe Coordinator
Dr Mohamed Syazwan Ab Talib