Date Topic Facilitator Overview
3/09/2022 Tutor Training Dr Annie Dayani The Workshop aims to equip tutors with pedagogical methods and relevant information required to assist them in delivering quality tutoring to UBDSBE students. By the end of the session, participants will understand the UBDSBE expectations from tutors, and be informed of the effective pedagogical methods for tutoring UBDSBE students.
5/01/2022 Econometrics using Stata Workshop Dr Hazwan Haini The Econometrics using Stata Workshop introduces potential users of Stata with tools that are routinely used in economics and econometrics research. The workshop begins with a brief theory on econometrics followed by some basic application of Stata functions and applications of econometrics. The application of these functions is presented by replicating the results from Haini, Hazwan. 2021. β€œFinancial Access and the Finance–Growth Nexus: Evidence from Developing Economies.” International Journal of Social Economics 48 (5): 693–708.