Expanding Knowledge and Research through Seminars


If you are interested to share your research, policy or corporate practice, UBD School of Business and Economics has a number of platforms for you to present and share them.


If you are a researcher or represent a research institution, our faculty seminar is an excellent platform for you to share your research or publications whether you are interested to consider collaborations, or simply to share your research on business matters.


Businesses, big or small, are also welcome to our UBD School of Business and Economics, to share perspectives within your field; it can range from diverse topics that covers accounting, finance, the economy or other business aspects that are important to you.


The importance of public sector and administration cannot be under-estimated. Therefore, in striving to fulfill our mission of contributing to the society, UBD SBE welcomes presentations or talks from the public sector or any government agencies.

For all three categories of seminars/talks, they commonly take place every Wednesday afternoon; however, if you would like a different day, please let us know.

To know more about the seminars, please contact the coordinator,Frankie Ong Jen Yong

Semester 2, 2021/2022
(January - July 2022)

Date Title By Abstract
27-April-2022 Developing Business Sentiment Index for Brunei Darussalam Dr. Irene Yap
20-April-2022 FDI by Sector of Activity and Growth:The Role of Technology Professor Ahmed Khalid
13-April-2022 Teaching Social Entrepreneurship to Aspiring Social Entrepreneurs and Social Change Enthusiasts using a Theory of Change framework Dr Lukman Raimi
6-April-2022 Innovation and Idea Creation in the Circular Economy Dr.Scott Valentine
16-Feb-2022 FinTech- An Overview Dr.Sazali Zinal Abidin
2-Feb-2022 Does Perceived Institutional Quality Affect Firm Performance? Evidence from ECOWAS Countries Dr.Hazwan Haini

Semester 2, 2020/2021
(January - July 2021)

Date Title By Abstract
1-Dec-2021 Impact of Entrepreneurial Marketing on Organisational Performance of Small Business Enterprises in Yola, North-East of Nigeria Dr.Lukman Raimi
25-Aug-2021 Digital Enabler and Value Integration: Revealing the Expansion Engine of Digital Marketplace Dr Mohammad Nabil Almunawar
25-Aug-2021 Digital Enabler and Value Integration: Revealing the Expansion Engine of Digital Marketplace Dr Mohammad Nabil Almunawar
18-Aug-2021 Leveraging Precision Agriculture for Sustainable Food Security in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Theoretical Discourse Dr Lukman Raimi
7-Apr-2021 Sixty Years of Islamic Finance:a Cross-Pillar Review Dr Mamunur Rashid
31-Mar-2021 The Impact of Knowledge Sharing as a Mediator in the Nexus between Organisational Factors and Organisational Effectiveness Dr Md Zahidul Islam
27-Jan-2021 Productivity and Efficiency Spillovers Through Trade Linkages:Evidence from the Spatial Durbin Production Function Dr Hazwan Haini & Dr Pang Wei Loon
20-Jan-2021 Asymmetric Influence of Crisis on FDI inflow: A Comparison of Selected Developing and Developed Economies Dr Mamunur Rashid

Semester 1, 2020/2021
(August - December 2021)

Date Title By Abstract
9-Dec-2020 Performance Management in the Public Sector of a Developing Country in Southeast Asia Dr Fairul Rashid
5-Dec-2020 Digital Pedagogy: Game-Based Learning Dr Annie Dayani
25-Nov-2020 The Role Institutions in Explaining the Influence of FDI on Domestic Entrepreneurship Dr Yazid Abdullahi Abubakar & Dr Ly Slesman
18-Nov-2020 Monetary Financing of Fiscal Deficits: Does Debt Neutrality hold? Professor Ahmed M.Khalid
11-Nov-2020 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Corporate Financial Performance (CFP) Connection: Implication of the Prospect Theory Muhammad Ali (PhD student)
11-Nov-2020 (Un)hiding Knowledge in the Workplace:Why Social Capital Matters Amirah Ishak (PhD Student)
28-Oct-2020 Preliminary Analysis on the Effect of Decent Work Environment on Work-Life Balance in Nigerian SMEs Ibrahim kabir (PhD Student)
14-Oct-2020 Antecedents of SMEs' satisfaction and loyalty towards Islamic Microfinance Evidence from Central Java, Indonesia Dr.Muhammad Abduh
30-Sept-2020 Alternative Modes of Islamic Infrastructure Financing Dr Ahmad Lutfi
16-Sept-2020 Financing Growth and Profitability: Preliminary Panel Data Evidence from Islamic Banks Danlami Rabiu Muhammad
9-Sept-2020 Finanical Access and the Finance-Growth Nexus: Evidence from Developing Economies Hazwan Haini

Semester 2, 2019/2020
(January - July 2020)

Date Title By Abstract
11-Mar-2020 The Role of Islamic Social Finance in Achieving SDG Number2:
End Hunger, Achieve Food Security and Improved Nutrition and Promote Sustainable Agriculture
Dr.Muhammad Abduh
7-Mar-2020 How to Kickstart a Software Tech Startup? Paul Lee (Co-Founder & CEO-Flipidea)
4-Mar-2020 Crafting Digital Platform-based Business Ecosystem for Agriculture and Agriculture Products Dr.Haji Mohammad Nabil Almunawar
13-Feb-2020 Archieving and Preserving Quality: ACCSB Accreditation Professor Mohamed Tahar Madi

Semester 1, 2019/2020
(August - December 2019)

Date Title By Abstract
4-Dec-2019 Service Design in Transformative Service: From service encounter to service ecosystem Dr.Wardah Hakimah
27-Nov-2019 Factors Influencing Individual in Adopting Digital Wallet Dr.Muhammad Anshari Bin Ali
13-Nov-2019 Bayesian Variable Selection for Linear Models Haziq Jamil
30-Oct-2019 Determinants of Islamic Banking Sector Performance, Financial Instability and Profitability Muhammad Rabiu Danlami
16-Oct-2019 Spiritual and Religious Workplace Management as dimensions of Internal Marketing: Managing Employee Job Burnout Fatima
16-Oct-2019 Investigating Conspicuous Consumption of Luxury Fashion goods amongst Muslim Consumers Muhammad 'Abdul Quddus
9-Oct-2019 Factors influencing the Career Choice of Undergraduate Students in Brunei Darussalam Hj Mohammad Izzuddin Bin Haji Mohammed Jamil
2-Oct-2019 Corporate Social Performance and Corporate Creditworthiness:
System GMM and Quantile Regression Approaches
Lufti Abdul Razak
11-Sept-2019 Examining the Productivity of the ASEAN Economies in the Presence of Transient and Persistent Efficiency Hazwan Haini
4-Sept-2019 Transaction Services, Neutrality of Money, and Marginal Impatience Professor Hiroaki Hayakawa
7-Aug-2019 The Determinants of First and Second-Order Female Autonomy and Empowerment in Pakistan: Accounting for the Role of Family Culture Professor Art Goldsmith
5-Aug-2019 Research Grants: Supporting and Advancing your Research Agenda Professor Art Goldsmith

Semester 2, 2018/2019
(January - July 2019)

Date Title By
7-Aug-2019 The Determinants of First and Second-Order Female Autonomy and Empowerment in Pakistan: Accounting for the Role of Family Culture Professor Art Goldsmith
5-Aug-2019 Research Grants: Supporting and Advancing your Research Agenda Professor Art Goldsmith
15-May-2019 Market Interconnectedness Through The Lens of Intraday and Overnight Returns Spillover Contributions: Evidence From Asian Markets Dr.Gamini Premaratne
8-May-2019 Internationalisation and SME Innovation in Different Developing Contry Contexts Dr.Yazid Abubakar Abdullah
24-Apr-2019 Observing The Rise and Expansion of Mobile-Based Digital Platform: The Case of An Indonesian Decacorn Dr.Mohammad Nabil Almunawar
10-Apr-2019 FINTECH and Disruptive Innovation Dr.Muhammad Anshari Bin Ali
27-Mar-2019 Evaluating Service Quality of Islamic Banks in Kuwait: An Important Performance Analysis Dr.Muhamad Abduh
6-Mar-2019 Assessing The Shariah Auditing Practice in Islamic Finalcial Institutions: The Case of Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam Mariawati Omar
(PhD Candidate)
27-Feb-2019 Legal Framework for Bio-Diversity and Protection of Traditional Knowledge:Instrumentalising the Law for Economic Growth in Brunei Dr Hammeed Abayomi Al-Ameen
13-Feb-2019 Macroeconomic Determinants of Inward Foreign Direct Investment in Brunei Darussalam Dr.James Obben
(Massey University, New Zealand)
6-Feb-2019 Consumer Behavior in a Monetary Economy and Smoothing of Composite Consumption Professor Hiroaki Hayakawa

Semester 1, 2018/2019
(August 2018 - December 2018)

Date Title By
8-Dec-2018 Impact of Population Aging on Economic Growth in Malaysia Hajah Siti Wardah Haji Abd Rahman
8-Dec-2018 Investigating The Strategic Role of Ports in Regional Development Dr Quazi Mohammed Habibus Sakalayen
8-Dec-2018 Development Without Debt:Thoughts From Islamic Finance Professor Dr.Obiyathulla Ismath Bacha
7-Nov-2018 Complete Monetary Union: The Capstone of EMU Process Towards Becoming An Optimal Currency Area Michail E.Petsalakis (PhD Candidate)
31-Oct-2018 Learning from MOOCS: Experiance of a Doctoral Journey Muhammad Talha Salam (PhD Candidate)
17-Oct-2018 The Determinants of Women's Empowerment in Pakistan: Accounting for the Role of Family Culture Professor Ahmed M.Khalid
10-Oct-2018 Implicit Leadership Theories of Bruneians: Insights From Brunei Public Sector Pg Dr.Siti Rozaidah Binti Pg Hj Idris
3-Oct-2018 Empirical Investigation of the Relationship Between Organizational Factors and Organizational Commitment in Service Organizations Safayet Rahman (PhD Candidate)
26-Sept-2018 A Study on the Causes of Economic Growth in Brunei Darussalam Muhammad Sufrizul Bin Haji Md.Husseini(PhD Candidate)
19-Sept-2018 Sectorial Exposure of Financial Markets to Oil Risk Factors in BRICS Countries Kingsley Etornam Dogah(PhD Candidate)
18-Sept-2018 Fatal Consequences: An Analysis of the Failed Employee Voice System at the Bundaberg Hospital. UBDSBE's Eminent Visiting Professor, Professor Adrian Wilkinson
15-Aug-2018 Exploring the SOCIO-Cultural aspirations of youths and its relation to unemployment: A case study of Brunei Darussalam Dr Siti Fatimahwati Binti Pehin Dato Hj Musa
12-Sep-2018 Easing of Financial Restrictions: Impact on Growth and Welfare Prof Ahmed Masood Khalid
CEO Business and Firm Performance: Evidence from Indonesia.
Universtias Airlangga
Dr Iman Harymawan

Semester 2, 2017/2018
(January - May 2018)

Date Title By
31-Jan-2018 Winning Strategies for Economic Development Professor Ahmed Masood Khalid
14-Feb-2018 The state and study of Public Administration in Brunei Darussalam Dr Pang Li Li
21-Feb-2018 Dualities in human capital accumulation and inequality in income distribution Professor Hayakawa
28-Feb-2018 Modeling 'country of origin' of halal logo effect on consumers’ purchase decision of packaged food Dr Nazlida Binti Muhamad
7-March-2018 Ownership Concentration and Corporate Disclosure in Bangladesh Professor Mizanur Rahman
7-March-2018 Social Protection For Informal Workers in Bangladesh Professor Shaikh Shamsuddin Ahmed
21-Mar-2018 Endegenous Money and Bank Stock Returns Evidence from G-7 Countries using Panel Data. Professor Ahmed Masood Khalid
21-Mar-2018 Big Data in Public & Private Organization: Personalization and Customization of Service Dr Anshari
28-Mar-2018 Applying Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) in Attitiudes Toward Advertising Study Muhammad Talha Salam
4-Apr-2018 AACSB Standard 8 session Pg Dr Hasnol
11-Apr-2018 Penghulus and Ketua Kampongs: Relevancy and Challenges in Brunei Darussalam Dr Pang Li Li
18-Apr-2018 Fintech Mr Juswira Putra Momin
23-Apr-2018 Can Asia reach high income?; Household debt, corporate debt, and economic growth: some empirical evidence Dr Donghyun Park
2-May-2018 Endegenous Money and Bank Stock Returns Evidence from G-7 Countries using Panel Data. Professor Ahmed Masood Khalid