Expanding Knowledge and Research through Seminars


If you are interested to share your research, policy or corporate practice, UBD School of Business and Economics has a number of platforms for you to present and share them.


If you are a researcher or represent a research institution, our faculty seminar is an excellent platform for you to share your research or publications whether you are interested to consider collaborations, or simply to share your research on business matters.


Businesses, big or small, are also welcome to our UBD School of Business and Economics, to share perspectives within your field; it can range from diverse topics that covers accounting, finance, the economy or other business aspects that are important to you.


Participants have three minutes to present a compelling oration on their thesis and its significance. 3MT is not an exercise in trivialising or β€˜dumbing-down’ research, but challenges students to consolidate their ideas and research discoveries so they can be presented concisely to a non-specialist audience.


The importance of public sector and administration cannot be under-estimated. Therefore, in striving to fulfill our mission of contributing to the society, UBD SBE welcomes presentations or talks from the public sector or any government agencies.

For all three categories of seminars/talks, they commonly take place every Wednesday afternoon; however, if you would like a different day, please let us know.

To know more about the seminars, please contact the coordinator,Frankie Ong Jen Yong

Semester 2, 2023/2024
(January - July 2024)

Date Title By Abstract
22-May-2024 An Inquiry into the North-South Management Gap in China Dr. yong Soo Keong
15-May-2024 Preserving Tradition , Embracing Change:The Future of Pesantren in Indonesia Assoc. Prof. Dr. H. Ubaidillah
Assist. Prof. Dr. Hj. Khairunnisa
8-May-2024 Zakatnomics: Empowering Communities in Indonesia Assoc. Prof. Dr. H. Nurul Widyawati
Assoc. Prof. Dr. H. Fauzan
17-April-2024 Charting Brunei’s Climate Path: Policies, Progress, and Future Directions Ir. Ahmad Zaβ€˜iemaddien
8-April-2024 Disseminating A Field Experiment of Islamic Nanofinance Project: Understanding the Behavior of Ultra-Micro Society through Qardhul Hassan Financing in Indonesia YB Queenie Chong
9-April-2024 Financial Technology Education at Imperial College London Mr. Zakwan Salleh
3-April-2024 Disseminating A Field Experiment of Islamic Nanofinance Project: Understanding the Behavior of Ultra-Micro Society through Qardhul Hassan Financing in Indonesia Dr.Khairunnisa Musari/ Nur Alifah Fajariyah/ Khusnul Khotimah
21-March-2024 Banking Sector Transformation and Climate Risk Mr Udaya Wijesena
20-March-2024 ASEAN Economies – 2024 and Beyond: Opportunities, Challenges and Recommendations Professor Ahmad Khalid
6-March-2024 An Overview of the Current State of Brunei's Economy Khairul Nazri
29-February-2024 The Impact of Corruption on the Economy Mohammad Sukri bin Hj Ariffin
14-February-2024 PART 1: FDI in Brunei Darussalam: Fostering Opportunities and Connections with the Local Business Ecosystem
PART 2: The Role of Darussalam Enterprise (DARe) in Growing the Local Business Landscape
Muhammad Firdaus Abdul Kadir/Fatin Muzani
7-February-2024 Challenges and Issues in Halal Certification for Restaurants in Japan: A Perspective from Halal Certification Bodies Dr Siti Rozaidah Idris
31-January-2024 Business Leadership: Speak with Confidence for Business Success BR Kelvin Pong/Jensen Siaw
24-January-2024 Birds of a Feather Flock Together: Economic Development, Trading Network, and Carbon Emissions Dr Hazwan Haini

Semester 1, 2023/2024
(August - December 2023)

Date Title By Abstract
22-November-2023 Impact of entrepreneurial governance and ease of doing business on economic growth: Evidence from ECOWAS economies (2000–2019). Dr Lukman Raimi
18-October-2023 Do Macroeconomic Variables Affect Stock Returns in Australasian Region Dr Sazali Zainal Abidin
11-October-2023 The Halal industry Ecosystem: A review of current Issues and Future Challenges Professor M.Ishaq Bhatti
27-September-2023 Management Practices and Climate Policy in China Dr Yong Soo Keong
20-September-2023 Decoding Blockchain: Its Role and Relevance in Today's Financial World Dr Muneer Maher Alshater
20-September-2023 The Challenges facing Pasar Accountability Dr Denny Andriana
20-September-2023 The Economics Challenges and the Role of a Leader during crisis Professor Eeng Ahman
6-September-2023 COVID-19 disruption and SMEs' performance: the role of disruption orientation and government support Dr Mahmoud Ahmad Mahmoud
6-September-2023 Completing the Puzzle: What Determines Assurance of the β€˜G’ in ESG? Dr Zayyad Abdul-Baki
30-August-2023 Social Entrepreneurship Dr.Yusrinadini Zahirah Bt Md.Isa
30-August-2023 Does Action Based Entrepreneurship Education Teachings improve entrepreneurial competencies and Self-efficacy? Disentangling Effects in Different Student Groups Dr Tariq Ahmed
23-August-2023 Accounting Conservatism And Stock Price Clustering Omair Haroon
23-August-2023 Navigating green supply chain management: Achieving excellence in sustainability Dr. Md Shamimul Islam
16-August-2023 Does Islamic religious perspective matter in tax non-compliance? Dr Saeed Awadh Ali bin Nashwan
16-August-2023 Does income inequality influence the role of a sharing economy in promoting sustainable economic growth? Fresh evidence from emerging markets Hafezali bin Iqbal Hussain

Semester 2, 2022/2023
(January - July 2023)

Date Title By Abstract
24-May-2023 Sustainable Supply Chain Management Structure, Conduct, and Performance in the Brunei Halal Food Sector Dr Mohamed Syazwan Ab Talib
8-March-2023 Mechanising Crowdfunding in Brunei Darussalam Aidil Salleh
16-February-2023 Investment Literacy and Behavioural Investing Clement Lee
Winnie Tan

Semester 1, 2022/2023
(August - December 2023)

Date Title By Abstract
7-December-2022 Impact of Hostile Environments on Growth of Micro-enterprises in Factor-driven Efficiency-driven Economies Haji Mohammad Izzuddin
28-November-2022 Hong Kong, Singapore and Great Bay Area(GBA):Triad Complementing Each Other by Strength and Uniqueness Yang Liu
28-November-2022 Catching the Next Life Sciences Unicorn Da Liu
7-November-2022 Commodity Markets: Evolution, Challenges, and Policies John Baffes
2-November-2022 Managing Research in the Business School for Impact and Economic Growth Professor Kamil Omoteso
28-September-2022 Institutions and Life Satisfaction:Linear and Nonlinear Evodence Dr Ly Slesman
21-September-2022 FDI by Sector of Activity and Growth: The Role of Technology Professor Ahmad Khalid
7-September-2022 Medical Entrepreneurship: Trends, Prospects and Controversies Dr Lukman Raimi
31-August-2022 Personal Data Protection Law is Coming to Brunei Darussalam: The New 'Business as Usual' Dr Abu Bakar Munir
24-August-2022 Office of Strategy Management in the Public Sector Dr Fairul Rizal Rashid
17-August-2022 Can Export Diversification Promote Export Upgrading? Evidence from and Oil-Dependent Economy Dr Hazwan Haini

Semester 2, 2021/2022
(January - July 2022)

Date Title By Abstract
15-June-2022 Entrepreneurial Experiance of Internally Displaced Women in Palestine Dr Shumaila Yousafzai
15-June-2022 Islamic Finance in Australia: A Data Analytics Approach Professor M.Ishaq Bhatti
27-April-2022 Developing Business Sentiment Index for Brunei Darussalam Dr. Irene Yap
20-April-2022 FDI by Sector of Activity and Growth:The Role of Technology Professor Ahmed Khalid
13-April-2022 Teaching Social Entrepreneurship to Aspiring Social Entrepreneurs and Social Change Enthusiasts using a Theory of Change framework Dr Lukman Raimi
6-April-2022 Innovation and Idea Creation in the Circular Economy Dr.Scott Valentine
16-Feb-2022 FinTech- An Overview Dr.Sazali Zinal Abidin
2-Feb-2022 Does Perceived Institutional Quality Affect Firm Performance? Evidence from ECOWAS Countries Dr.Hazwan Haini

Semester 1, 2021/2022
(August - December 2021)

Date Title By Abstract
1-Dec-2021 Impact of Entrepreneurial Marketing on Organisational Performance of Small Business Enterprises in Yola, North-East of Nigeria Dr.Lukman Raimi
25-Aug-2021 Digital Enabler and Value Integration: Revealing the Expansion Engine of Digital Marketplace Dr Mohammad Nabil Almunawar
25-Aug-2021 Digital Enabler and Value Integration: Revealing the Expansion Engine of Digital Marketplace Dr Mohammad Nabil Almunawar
18-Aug-2021 Leveraging Precision Agriculture for Sustainable Food Security in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Theoretical Discourse Dr Lukman Raimi
7-Apr-2021 Sixty Years of Islamic Finance:a Cross-Pillar Review Dr Mamunur Rashid