Expanding Knowledge and Research through Seminars


If you are interested to share your research, policy or corporate practice, UBD School of Business and Economics has a number of platforms for you to present and share them.


If you are a researcher or represent a research institution, our faculty seminar is an excellent platform for you to share your research or publications whether you are interested to consider collaborations, or simply to share your research on business matters.


Businesses, big or small, are also welcome to our UBD School of Business and Economics, to share perspectives within your field; it can range from diverse topics that covers accounting, finance, the economy or other business aspects that are important to you.


Participants have three minutes to present a compelling oration on their thesis and its significance. 3MT is not an exercise in trivialising or β€˜dumbing-down’ research, but challenges students to consolidate their ideas and research discoveries so they can be presented concisely to a non-specialist audience.


The importance of public sector and administration cannot be under-estimated. Therefore, in striving to fulfill our mission of contributing to the society, UBD SBE welcomes presentations or talks from the public sector or any government agencies.

For all three categories of seminars/talks, they commonly take place every Wednesday afternoon; however, if you would like a different day, please let us know.

To know more about the seminars, please contact the coordinator,Frankie Ong Jen Yong

Semester 1, 2022/2023
(August - December 2023)

Date Title By Abstract
21-September-2022 FDI by Sector of Activity and Growth: The Role of Technology Professor Ahmad Khalid
7-September-2022 Medical Entrepreneurship: Trends, Prospects and Controversies Dr Lukman Raimi
31-August-2022 Personal Data Protection Law is Coming to Brunei Darussalam: The New 'Business as Usual' Dr Abu Bakar Munir
24-August-2022 Office of Strategy Management in the Public Sector Dr Fairul Rizal Rashid
17-August-2022 Can Export Diversification Promote Export Upgrading? Evidence from and Oil-Dependent Economy Dr Hazwan Haini

Semester 2, 2021/2022
(January - July 2022)

Date Title By Abstract
15-June-2022 Entrepreneurial Experiance of Internally Displaced Women in Palestine Dr Shumaila Yousafzai
15-June-2022 Islamic Finance in Australia: A Data Analytics Approach Professor M.Ishaq Bhatti
27-April-2022 Developing Business Sentiment Index for Brunei Darussalam Dr. Irene Yap
20-April-2022 FDI by Sector of Activity and Growth:The Role of Technology Professor Ahmed Khalid
13-April-2022 Teaching Social Entrepreneurship to Aspiring Social Entrepreneurs and Social Change Enthusiasts using a Theory of Change framework Dr Lukman Raimi
6-April-2022 Innovation and Idea Creation in the Circular Economy Dr.Scott Valentine
16-Feb-2022 FinTech- An Overview Dr.Sazali Zinal Abidin
2-Feb-2022 Does Perceived Institutional Quality Affect Firm Performance? Evidence from ECOWAS Countries Dr.Hazwan Haini