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Islamic Accounting and Finance

The research cluster provides the platform to enable exploratory, progressive and impactful research in the field of Islamic accounting, business, and finance in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, notably SDG 8 and SDG 9 which is the focus of the school.

  • To foster the sharing of ideas, scholarly advancement and inclusivity in UBDSBE.
  • To provide a platform and support for discussion on members’ ongoing and/or potential research projects.
  • To create opportunities for collaborative research and interdisciplinary projects in the field of knowledge.
  • To mobilize the shared strengths, skills and expertise of members with other centres and institutes.

Members include, but are not limited to, faculty staff in the UBDSBE Accounting and Finance programme. Academics, professionals and subject experts from other programmes from inside or outside UBD are encouraged to contribute and participate in the cluster’s activities.

Below are the contact and area of expertise of our current members:

SID Research Cluster

Dr. Muhamad Abduh

Islamic Banking, Financial Markets, and Social Finance.

Dr. Mahani Binti Haji Hamdan Management Accounting, CSR
Dr. Hj. Masairol Bin Hj Masri AFinancial Standard and Regulations, Halal Certification
Dr. Mohd Hairul Azrin Hj Besar Islamic Accounting, Islamic Banking
Pg. Dr. Hj Md Hasnol Alwee Bin Pg Hj Md Salleh Financial Literacy, Personal Finance
Dr. Sazali Zainal Abidin Corporate Finance, Investment
Dr. Siti Norwahida Shukeri Audit, Taxation, Islamic Accounting
Dr Sabrina Daud Resource Economics
Dk Hjh Saerah Binti Pg Hj Petra Accounting and Islamic Social Finance