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Master of Applied Economics

MSc Economics is designed to provide students a strong foundation in economics and enable them to upgrade their skills in quantitative methods and economic analysis. In addition to the coursework, students are expected to undertake independent research as a core module (Research Project) to showcase their ability to integrate theoretical and practical knowledge in economics for real world problems. This program equips students with the skills needed to practice as a professional economist or relevant positions in the business world in banking, insurance and investment to those in academic settings, government agencies and consulting organizations. It also provides a foundation to undertake further study at the PhD level.

The Master of Applied Economics Programme is taught in English on a full-time (18 months) and part-time (30 months) basis, beginning in August of each year.

Programme Structure and Requirements

To qualify for the award of degree, a candidate shall be required to pass and accumulate a total of 48 modular credits, made up of 28 modular credits of core modules (4 core modules and a Research Project) and 20 modular credits of option modules (6 modules).

Sequence of Module Offering

Full Time Mcs Part Time Mcs
Semester 1 20 Semester 1 12
BE-5101 Microeconomics 4 BE-5101 Microeconomics 4
BE-5102 Macroeconomics 4 BE-5103 Applied Econometrics 4
BE-5103 Applied Econometrics 4 BE-5102 Macroeconomics 4
2 Optional Modules 8
Semester 2 16 Semester 2 8
BE-5105 Research Methodology 4 BE-5105 Research Methodology 4
3 Optional Modules 12 1 Optional Module 4
Semester 3 12 Semester 3 8
BE-5106 Academic Exercise 12 2 Optional Modules 8
Semester 4 8
2 Optional Modules 8
Semester 5 12
BE-5106 Academic Exercise 12
Total 48 Total 48

List Optional Modules (4 modular credits each)

Optional modules may be selected from the following:

    BE-5301 Financial Economics
    BE-5302 Issues in Economic Development
    BE-5303 International Trade Theory and Policy
    BE-5304 Islamic Economics and Finance
    BE-5306 Labour Economics
    BE-5307 Environmental Economics
    BE-5310 Energy Economics
    BE-5311 Monetary Theory and Policy
    BE-5312 Time Series Analysis and Forecasting
    BE-5313 Game Theory

Maximum of any ONE module from Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Islamic Finance (MIF), Master of Management (MM) or Master of Logistics (ML).

Admission Requirements

For admission to the Master of Applied Economics programme, a candidate must have a Second Class Honours Bachelor degree in Economics or in a related discipline from Universiti Brunei Darussalam or a university or institution recognized by the Senate. However, subject to the possession of a bachelor’s degree, this condition could be relaxed for experienced applicants after determining that they possess the necessary skills to successfully complete the program. The candidate must also possess a good proficiency in the spoken and written English Language, which is at least a credit 6 in English Language at GCE β€˜O’ Level Examination, IELTS 6.0, or TOEFL 550 or other qualifications as recognised by Universiti Brunei Darussalam

Fees and Funding

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Programe Coordinator
Dr Yong Soo Keong