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Entrepreneurship Major

Thinking of which degree to pursue? Ever thought about doing an Entrepreneurship Degree? The Entrepreneurship Major at UBD School of Business and Economics (UBDSBE), a four-year degree, is designed to increase your ability to create innovative new ventures, but also develop skills as an innovative manager, for driving change, managing innovation and growth in existing private and public organizations; thereby preparing you for a career as an entrepreneur or innovative manager in existing organizations.

In today’s highly competitive global economy, students are looking for more than just the traditional business degrees, they are looking for practical programmes that can give them the ability to identify new opportunities, generate new ideas and create new products. These require a new set of skills and insights; these require entrepreneurial thinking. In today’s complex world, with greater job scarcity, students increasingly need practical skills to be able to create jobs for themselves. Fundamentally, today, students need to know how to make things happen, β€˜practically’, rather than just theoretically.

The Entrepreneurship Major at UBD School of Business and Economics (UBDSBE) aims to go beyond the traditional focus on mainly teaching theories and case studies. Our goal? To equip all our graduates with creativity and the practical skills needed for solving real societal problems by turning them into opportunities for creating innovative new ventures. The programme is designed in a way that students end the programme with a β€˜real’ business.

The degree focuses on the study and practical application of the key issues surrounding entrepreneurship and innovation, with particular focus on the new venture creation process but also innovation management within existing private and public organizations. The degree programme is made-up of core and optional modules, as follows:

Core Modules

Type Code Modules MC
Degree Core BA-1101 Introduction to Accounting 4
Degree Core BA-1104 Principles of Business and Management 4
Degree Core BE-1101 Principles of Economics 4
Major Core BB-2201 Business Law 4
Major Core BB-2203 Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation 4
Major Core BB-2204 Marketing Management 4
Major Core BN-2201 Entrepreneurial Finance 4
Major Core BN-2202 Theoretical Foundations of Entrepreneurship 4
Major Core BN-4201 Innovation Management 4
Major Core BN-4202 Venture Growth Strategies 4
Major Core BN-4203 Startup, Growth and Sustainability Project 8
Major Core BN-4204 Research Project 8

Major Option (16 mcs)

Minimum of Four (4) modules to choose from the list below:

    General Management

  • AX-2202 Creative Advertising, Branding & Corporate Communication
  • BB-2207 Business Information System
  • BB-2208 Human Resource Management
  • BB-4308 E-Business
  • BB-4329 Business Ethics
  • BB-4333 Mobile Application Development
  • BB-4334 Digital Marketplace
  • BN-4301 Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • BN-4302 Entrepreneurship in Asia
  • BN-4303 Environmental and Sustainable Entrepreneurship
  • BN-4304 Social Entrepreneurship by Design

The following is a general/suggested schedule for Major in Entrepreneurship:

Fees and Funding

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Programe Leader
Dr Lukman Raimi