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DY Funding

Type of Funding Type of Allowance Given What Students Needs to Pay cGPA
Level 1 Subsistence Allowance (Monthly)

Travelling Allowance (one-off)
off allowance (cash) to pay for own flight ticket (once placement is confirmed); student need to top up if the price of ticket exceed the allowance

*No reimbursement will be given
3.8 and above
Level 2 Subsistence Allowance (Monthly) *Student pays tuition fee/bench/internship fees, own flight ticket, visa, cost of accommodation 2.5 to 3.79
Self-Funding UBD Local Allowance * Student pays tuition fee/bench/internship fees for non-partnered universities and agencies; own flight ticket, cost of accommodation 2.5 and above

Reigon BND ($)
UK 1,500
America 2,200
Australia / New Zealand 1,200
Europe 1,500
Korea/Japan/China/Taiwan and other Asian countries outside ASEAN/Hong Kong 600
ASEAN/Hong Kong 400
Africa 1,500

*Subject to change

Programe Coordinator
Dr Mohamed Syazwan Ab Talib