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PhD Modules By Programme
(June 2021 Intake)

Research Component

It is COMPULSORY for ALL Active PhD Students to register to the thesis/research component of their respective programmes EVERY SEMESTER.
Failure to register twice may lead to the termination of candidature

  • PhD in Management: BM-6000
  • PhD in Finance: BF-6000
  • PhD in Economics: BE-6000

PhD in Management
(1 Core + 3 Optional Modules)

Semester 1 Semester 2
Core Module(s) Optional Module(s)
  • BB-6302 Human Resource Management*
  • BB-6303 Marketing Management*
  • BL-6301 Supply Chain Management*
  • BM-6301 Digital Transformation in Business*
Optional Modules
  • BB-6301 Management and Organizational Behavior*
  • BB-6304 Strategic Management*
  • BM-6302 Corporate Entrepreneurship*

PhD in Economics
(1 Core + 3 Optional Modules)

Semester 1
Core Module(s)
  • BE-6101 Advanced Applied Econometrics
Optional Modules
  • BE-6301 Microeconomics*
  • BE-6302 Macroeconomics*
  • BB-6101 Research Methodology-highly recommended (other options BA-6102 in semester 1 or BA-6101 only offered in semester 2)- seek advice from your supervisor

PhD in Finance
(2 Core + 2 Optional Modules)

Semester 1 Semester 2
Core Module(s) Core Module(s)
  • BA-6102 Qualitative Research Methodology
  • BA-6101 Quantitative Research Methodology
Optional Modules
  • BB-6101 Research Methodology*
  • BE-6101 Advanced Applied Econometrics*