Mr. Victor Wong Kee Yew
Head of Sustainability Office,
UOBAM and Data Engineer and ESG Analyst, UOBAM

Victor is the regional sustainability champion for UOBAM who oversees the implementation of UOBAM’s sustainable investment processes and sustainability initiatives. In addition, he is the portfolio manager of several sustainable investment strategies, and with over 20 years of investment experience, his portfolios have recently garnered several awards in the Benchmark Fund of the Year Awards 2020 for ESG.

Mr. Hong Li
Data Engineer and ESG Analyst

Hong Li is a Data Engineer and ESG Analyst of the Sustainability Office at UOBAM. He is responsible for ESG research and evaluation. In addition, he has developed UOBAM’s proprietary ESG scoring system and ESG news controversy system by combining both human analysis and technology intelligence. After obtaining his bachelor’s degree from the Shanghai University of Finance & Economics, he went on to NUS for his Master of Science in Business Analytics.