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After two successful conferences (2017 and 2019) UBDSBE plans to organise the 3rd International Conference on Business, Economics and Finance (ICBEF) in November 2021. In view of the COVID-19, the conference will be conducted online. Given the current economic situation experienced by many countries during COVID-19, the main objective of organising the 3rd ICBEF is to provide a forum for all researchers and practitioners to discuss the challenges faced during economic uncertainties, share experiences and suggest possible solutions.

Business cycles are a known phenomenon of free market economies where businesses experience booms and bust. However, the causes of these business cycles are attributed to a number of factors including rapid pace of innovations, changes in consumer and investor sentiments, changes in regulatory environment and natural disasters, such as the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Some observers consider economic crisis as a period of ‘creative destruction’, which brings new ideas, technologies, products and services that could lead to economic growth.

Economic uncertainties that disrupt the existing way of doing businesses motivate governments and businesses to explore opportunities to reconstruct conditions for profitable and sustainable business through redesigning institutional and cultural framework within which firms operate. The recent uncertainties created by COVID-19 pandemic leave a much deeper impact on businesses, especially SMEs.

At a time when social distancing and travel restrictions serve as important policy measure to control the spread of crisis, the use of digital technology has obviously helped maintain a momentum in economic and business operations and to reduce the worst impact of the recent crisis. Cross- border flows of digital technologies give a rise to new business models aiming to achieve higher productivity. This new paradigm will need businesses to explore global markets and supply chains as well as investing in innovative technologies to adapt quickly to the changing environment. This is the main objective of the proposed conference on ‘Embracing New Business Paradigm during Economic Uncertainties’. We believe that this 3-day conference, planned at UBD from 1- 3 November 2021, will provide a forum for experts, academics and practitioners to share their experience and views on how the new business paradigm is evolving given the fast pace of economic uncertainties since 1990s.

Although the main theme of this conference is about ‘embracing new business paradigm during economic uncertainties’, we expect papers in other related area (sub-themes) within the field of business, economics, finance, entrepreneurship, accounting and finance.