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When are the new student intakes in UBDSBE ?

Undergraduate students join the UBD School of Business and Economics every January and August. If you have been accepted into UBDSBE, the Admissions Office of UBD would provide the necessary acceptance letter.

Postgraduate students undertaking taught programmes join the School every August, while those undertaking research programmes join either in January or August.

How do I apply to study at UBDSBE? When is the admission deadline ?

The application process and deadline for undergraduates can be found here, while postgraduate application and deadline details can be found at the here.

I would like to pursue my postgraduate studies. Are there any scholarships offered ?

Scholarship opportunities for both Bruneians and non-Bruneians alike are available andhere.

I have a HND qualification. Can I be considered as a direct-entry Year 2 student ?

There is no direct-entry into the second year in UBDSBE. Students requiring module exemption in line with their HND qualifications may qualify for module exemptions or waivers subject to the FacultyΒ’s approval and modules/courses done in the previous universities/institutions.