2:00 pm Arrival of Guest and participants
2:10 pm Recital of Surah Al-Fatihah and Doa Selamat
2:15 pm

Welcoming Remarks by:

Dr. Hj Masairol Haji Masri
Dean of UBD School of Business and Economics

2:20 pm

Contestant 1:

Aishath Shahudha Abdulla
Risk Dynamics and Financial Stability in Asia

2:25 pm

Contestant 2:

Dk Ida Nurul-Fitri Pg Haji Kahar
The Role of Experiential Service Design in Enhancing Visitors’ Eudaimonic Well Being

2:30 pm

Contestant 3:

Dwi Kartikasari
Imported Versus Local Products on Cross-Border E-Commerce

2:35 pm

Contestant 4:

Edward Tee Check Hwa
Measuring the State of Information Technology Adoption of Public Sector Organizations of Brunei Darussalam

2:40 pm

Contestant 5:

Mohd Alif Azizi Bin Haji Abdullah
Measuring the Health of an E-health Ecosystem

2:45 pm

Contestant 6:

Mohammad Fauzan bin Superi
Developing Business Graduate Competencies: Policies and Practices of HEIs in Brunei

2:50 pm

Contestant 7:

Mohammad Mominul Islam
Halal certification of cosmetics in Bangladesh

2:55 pm

Contestant 8:

Muhammad Amiruddin Hj Ismail
Successful Implementation of Performance Appraisal

3:00 pm

Contestant 9:

Muhammad Ali
Determinants of ESG disclosure: An Evidence from Fortune-500 Non-financial firms

3:05 pm

Contestant 10:

Muhammad Azmi Sait
Investigating Antecedents to e-Wallet Adoption Case: Brunei Darussalam

3:10 pm

Contestant 11:

Muhammad Firdaus Mujibuddin Syah Haji Mustafa
People, Food and Cold Chain

3:15 pm

Contestant 12:

Muhammad Rabiu Danlami
Social Engagement, Institutional Quality and Financial Performance of Islamic Banks: A Proposed CAMELSS Framework

3:20 pm

Contestant 13:

Nurul Amirah Binti Ishak/asahak
Winning Employees’ Affective Commitment: The Key to Knowledge Transfer

3:25 pm

Contestant 14:

Pg Siti Aisyah Pg. Anak Rosledzana
The Factors Affecting the Financial Sustainability of Microbusinesses and Start-Ups owned by the Underprivileged in Brunei

3:30 pm

Contestant 15:

Umar Habibu Umar
The Impact of Corporate Governance on Risk-Taking of Islamic Banks

3:35 pm

Contestant 16:

Victor Neo
Services 5.0 model to help SMEs overcome Industry 5.0

3:40 pm

15 minutes break to deliberate scores
Audience to vote for People’s Choice Award

3:55 pm

Announcement of winners and Closing Session