Student Life

Student Life

Student Life: Going Beyond the Classroom

Beyond the classroom, the faculty encourages students to enrich their learning experience through the Discovery Year programme and other practical activities carried out outside of the university.

The Discovery Year Programme offers students with a unique opportunity to get first-hand experience of the world outside of the university and interactions with other members of the community. Here, students can enhance their knowledge and skills through incubation projects, community outreach projects, internship at established organisations, or study abroad programmes at international partner universities.

Aside from the Discovery Year programme, students are also encouraged to participate in educational visits to selected organisations, both in Brunei and abroad, which are relevant to their study or scope of interest.

Further, the faculty also takes pride in the pro-active nature of students in organising their own activities such as charities and sports-related events. In the faculty, the UBDSBE student council, a student body that aims to liaise with lecturers and assist new students, undertake numerous activities every year such as orientation-related activities, the annual futsal Dean’s Cup tournament and the Entrepreneurship Week. Student’s participation in the council is encouraged, as it develops their leadership and communication skills even further.