Entrepreneurship Project


Entrepreneurship in UBDSBE

Entrepreneurship is recognised as a key driver in Brunei’s continual pursuance of diversification from reliance on the oil and gas industry. In line with the nation’s aspirations, UBDSBE plays a critical role in nurturing young entrepreneurial minds, as reflected by its role in Entrepreneurship At Campus (EAC), incubation projects, entrepreneurship training programmes and the support it provides to other entrepreneurial agencies.

Entrepreneurship At Campus (EAC) is a collaborative effort between the Brunei Economic Development Board (BEDB), Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) and iCentre, at which UBDSBE is entrusted to spearhead. EAC aims to be the platform for student entrepreneurs from various higher learning institutions, to grow and nurture their ideas into business realities. Upon becoming members of EAC, student entrepreneurs are eligible to participate in the numerous talks, seminars and workshops held at EAC, with the support from BEDB, UBD and iCentre. Students who possess the most potential in becoming entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to be incubated at the EAC. The tasks and commitment differs between incubatees and members; rigorous training and presentations are needed to stay afloat and survive in becoming incubatees at EAC.

The role of UBDSBE is to provide technical expertise and business know how for these future entrepreneurs. At present, it is under the care of Incubation Coordinator, Adna Rahman who is also the working committee for EAC. Under the guidance of the coordinator, with the support of the Dean of UBDSBE, EAC has managed to grow further since its launch in April 2013. Entrepreneurs from international companies ranging from Alibaba.com (China), Google (Singapore) to Microsoft (Asia), as well as female entrepreneurs such as Pamela Wigglesworth (US and Singapore), had shared their experience within their respective area of expertise.

Apart from EAC, the Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation module, offered at the second year level, has also contributed to the entrepreneurial nature within UBDSBE. In this module, students are taught firstly on the art of entrepreneurship and the experiences of business start-ups, to ignite their interest. Towards the end, each student will develop a business plan exhibited at the university level. Selected bankers, venture capitalists and angel investors as well as business owners and prominent figures or speakers within the area of entrepreneurship will be invited to the exhibition. This module is only offered every January and tends to attract over 180 students.

As a whole, these entrepreneurial endeavours aims to generate and nurture future entrepreneurs who will enhance the economy further, by providing more job opportunities to others.