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Registration of modules

When do I register modules?
In UBDSBE, all students are responsible to register for your modules for every semester and to check that all modules are registered correctly. Students who fail to register for the semester are considered not interested in pursuing their studies and will be considered as withdrawing from the University. Please speak to your programme coordinators/programme leaders on the modules you need to take for each semester.

How do I access GenNEXT Information System (GIS)?
You can log on to and click the link โ€˜GISโ€™. Your username would be your registration number (21bxxxx) and your password is the last six digits of your IC number. This is the same username and password for your email. You can change your password by changing your password in the UBD email. You can also access MyUBD using the same username and password.

Dates schedule of module registration?
Please check any announcement via MyUBD postal in UBD website on the updates (myUBD>mySITES>Student Portal>myEVENT>Fresher Week)

How do I decide which module to take?
Before deciding, you need to check the Academic and Examination Timetable (available at MyUBD) to avoid any timetabling clashes. You also need to check with the Faculty if the module needs anti-requisite or prerequisite.
Returning students can refer to the UBDSBE website or Programme Leader on the modules offer.
New students will be briefed by PL on the modules to be taken during the Freshers week.
Research students register for the research module for their programme of study.

Am I confirmed to be registered to all modules?
No. Some modules accept a limited number of students and give priority to senior students and ranking. You must check your registration slip when it is announced at the end of Week 0.

How do I know if the request is accepted?
Check your GIS regularly within Week 1. These requests are process by PL.

How do I add/drop modules from the list of modules I have registered?
Please observe the deadlines for the Add/Drop/Appeal module for each semester (in GIS). You can do Add/Drop requests online, subject to PL approval. If you have maximised the number of modules that you are allowed to take, you will need to drop the one that you do not want first. Your registration should be updated after PL approves.

Can I still register or add/drop modules after Week 2?
There is no add/drop allowed after week 2.
If you have not registered for any modules from Week 0 to Week 1 and only decided to add modules during the appeal week i.e. week 2, you will be liable to pay a penalty fee of BND50.00 per module. Payment must be made at the Finance Counter, Ground floor at the Administration Building, UBD and the receipt must be submitted together with your appeal at the Examination Counter, Student Central

How do I register or add/drop modules after Week 2?
You can register or add/drop during Appeal week (week 3). However, you will be penalised $50 per module to proceed.
However, we do not accept any changes to module registration after Week 3. You will be expected to attend lectures and complete the assessment for the module.

I am a fee paying student. Can I still register for my modules even if I have not settled my fees during Freshersโ€™ week?
Yes, you can. However do remember to settle your fees before the examinations. You can pay directly at Finance Office at Administration Building during office hours.

Where can I view the results of my registration?
You can view them in GIS after PL finalised them. Remember, that it is the studentโ€™s responsibility to ensure all modules have been registered correctly according to your graduate requirement.


Declaring Major:

When do I declare a major?
In UBDSBE, students can declare their major in the first semester of candidature, and most are expected to declare their major just after their second semester. Failure to declare majors would adversely affect students, as they may be placed under probationary status and additional penalties could be imposed.

Examination Regulations states that;
9.4 A student is permitted to change his Major or Degree Programmes only ONCE during his candidature in UBD; whereby the transfer to a new Major or a new Degree Programme is only permitted within the first four (4) semesters of his enrolment in UBD.
So if this is your first change major request and you are still within the first four semester of your enrolment, you are required to complete the Application for Change of Major form.
However, if you have previously changed your major, or you are already beyond the fourth semester, you are NOT allowed to change your major.

Can I take a breadth module in my declared major?
Students are not encouraged to take a breadth module in their declared major. If, however, for students who do so, the accumulated modular credits will not be counted towards the modular credit requirement for graduation. They, however, will count towards the GPA and cGPA calculations.

How do I declare my major?
Students must declare their major by the 2nd semester. You must declare your major in GIS.
You can find this feature in the REGISTRATION tab > Declare Major. The list of majors available will depend on your Degree programme. Your Programme Leader will approve the request and your major will be updated in GIS.

The GenNEXT Undergraduate Degree Rules and Regulations, page 10, states that โ€œStudents can declare their major in the first semester of candidature and before the commencement of their fourth semester. Students who do not declare their major will be put under probationary status and additional penalties will be imposed.โ€

Next Semesterโ€™s Modules:

What modules should I take next semester?
Given the flexibility in GenNext programmes, UBDSBE students have a degree of freedom in their choice of modules. However, it comes with understanding certain responsibilities. This involves ensuring pre-requisites for major core modules are undertaken in advance. If uncertain of specific modules, please check the Graduating Checklist of your major programme. The checklist for each programme can be found in the UBDSBE webpage: Select โ€˜Current Studentsโ€™ > โ€˜Undergraduateโ€™ > Select your major programme within your respective intake.

In selecting modules, it is the studentโ€™s responsibility to ensure that there are no time-table and examination clashes. Students cannot sign up for modules where there is a time-table clash for lectures or an examination clash. If there is a clash of core modules, please discuss with your Programme Leader.

Note that the timetable is generally available at the beginning of each semester. It is important to know that you will be penalized $50 per module for late registration (during appeal week that is week 3)
It is the student responsibility to register for your modules for each semester and to check the modules are registered correctly.

Graduating Requirements:

What are the requirements to graduate?
Requirements to graduate depend on your major programme and intake. Please refer to the Graduating Checklist of your major programme. The checklist for each programme can be found in the UBDSBE webpage: Select โ€˜Current Studentsโ€™ > โ€˜Undergraduateโ€™ > Select your major programme within your respective intake.

How do I know exam dates and information?
You can go to MyUBD>MyStudies>MyExam for information.

Accounting and Finance:

I have a cGPA of less than 3.0. Can I do a Major in Accounting and Finance ?
Students who wish to take a Major in Accounting and Finance must have at least obtained 3.0 cGPA in Year 1. Even a cGPA of 2.99 will not be sufficient to pursue a Major in Accounting and Finance.

How many ACCA papers can Accounting and Finance students be exempted from?
Students who are interested to pursue a career as a qualified Chartered Accountant through the ACCA (Association for Chartered Certified Accountants) qualification, graduating from the Accounting & Finance major programme may gain exemptions from nine papers in the ACCA examination.

Where can I download all forms?
All forms related to your studies can be found in the student portal in MyUBD>MyServices>Downloadable forms You can also go to UBDSBE website, sign in and go to โ€˜My Downloadโ€™.


Progress Report (Research Students only)
All research graduate students must submit a Progress Report every 6-month to their supervisor.

Submission of Thesis (Research Students only)
After consultation with your supervisor, all students must submit his/her research thesis title no later than 6-month from their admission date.

PhD Handbook
Click here PhD_Handbook_2022.pdf (  

How to activate my candidature (Research Students only)
All research students are required to activate their candidature in the GenNEXT Information System (GIS) upon commencing their studies.
Steps: 1. Login to GIS 2. Under โ€˜Studentโ€™ Tab, click โ€˜Activate Candidatureโ€™.

Where can I download all forms?
All forms related to your studies can be found in the student portal in MyUBD>Student Portal> MyStudies>Graduate Studies.
You can also go to UBDSBE website, sign in and go to โ€˜My Downloadโ€™.


This leave is granted for 1 semester on a case by case basis, either for reasons of ill-health or for personal reasons. Your candidature will pause until your return (no allowance for scholarship students). To apply, submit an email to Dean SBE with your reasons including supporting letters such as Doctorโ€™s medical report. You must include your registration number, full name, programme and which semester you are applying for this leave.

What do I do when I want to come back from Leave of Absence?
You need to email to activate your candidature. Then you need to register your module during the module registration period.

Any absence from class due to health related, attending workshops, conference, tournament and other reasons. Get the form from UBDSBE General Office. Get approval from relevant lecturers except if you have a Medical Certificate (MC). After completing the form, get a signature from AR UBDSBE via General Office. Send the complete form to Student Central.

Write a letter to the Assistant Registrar of UBDSBE and submit it to the UBDSBE General Office. Must include the following details:

  • Student registration number
  • Full name
  • Programme of study
  • Reason of withdrawal
  • IC or passport number
  • Contact details
  • Date of intent of withdrawal.